evin halleri var II

Mert and I, do good things together. He is a multi-instrumental musician. Most of the time, he makes his own instruments. His home is his studio. I am home too. So we go.

how much of this dance is for me, how much of it is for the Other?

Would you still watch me, if I didn't do anything you would like to see? I am training my body, to do certain things so that I am interesting to your gaze. And I like doing it. What if we found a common ground between what you want to see and what I want to... Continue Reading →

throwback paper, back in Fall 2019

People work to get what they need and where they want to be. Some people fit in certain roles, figures as a strategic choice to be recognized, be appreciated and be acknowledged for what they do. Back in fall when I was taking Dr. Kosstrin's Global Dance Modernisms class, I got super interested about two... Continue Reading →

corpus – drawings

While figuring out what I care about and how I would like to process/express it, these happened. Along with so many things; transformation, transference, transgression... No communication what so ever. Maybe I need to learn how to listen to myself first. No? These following drawings have come to existence over the last three months. Movement... Continue Reading →

you will come to me

"You Will Come To Me" is the second solo work, where I turned to creative forces to process emotional struggles. One of the most rewarding times. Back in Fall 2019, when self search got deeper and things started shifting... I can't quite tell how and towards which direction. We shall see. Somehow seems appropriate to... Continue Reading →


I find you when I am traveling I see you everywhere you, the bluest of all jou, the formlessness. I look for you in the midst of a water drop on a palm leaf, downhill you appear, my love and disappear. in the same way atterir, atterrissage sur l’un de l’autre à l’un à l’autre... Continue Reading →

when things fall in place

Non linear. That is how things are being experienced in this body for quite a while. Learning so much. About the personality, about the body and how body responds to change. Less answers but more questions. - I am so happy that I took Global Dance Modernisms this semester. It has changed my life. Funnily,... Continue Reading →

come back, go back III

Ich bin wieder da. I am here, again. Yes. It was a long summer, somehow. A long summer to be away from here. Distance is a tricky word. I was too distant, I felt. Anyway. Now I'm back. Thankfully, I had couple of days to recover from jetlag (7 hours of time difference) before everything... Continue Reading →

come back, go back II

Two months in Turkey. Things keep rolling. Yesterday,  I have windsurfed for the first time this summer. Muscles work a little different from dancing. In windsurfing, there is more isometric contractions mostly in the arms and the back. Shoulders too, of course. And a strong core stabilization is always the case, especially when the wind... Continue Reading →

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