come back, go back

I came back, I returned. Je suis rentrée. Döndüm. The idea of "returning"... I have been thinking about writing this post since I came to Turkey. It's been a while. I have been meaning to articulate the kinesthetic experience/process I am going through. Reverse culture shock. Some language twitches in the brain. Two different worlds,... Continue Reading →


dance dramaturgy #4 three dramaturgs vs. five choreographers

Brianna, Katherine and I were assigned to work as dramaturgs for a group of undergraduate students who themselves were working on a piece that they made for their composition class. Before delving into the process, Dr. Nadine gave us few prompts to think about: Who are you as a dramaturg? How do you communicate with... Continue Reading →

les invités: intimate spaces for retraction

Past Thursday, Dian Jing and I have presented our collaborative project for Interdisciplinary Creative Research Class. Les Invités (translates as Invited) departed from the idea of creating spaces that primarily emerge our of sound and light. Bringing elements that address to all five sense, we looked for ways to facilitate an architecture that enables bodies... Continue Reading →

Les Invités

Not in a writing mood lately, but I do want to put this here. Les Invités is a project I am making for Interdisciplinary Creative Research class. Here is a little description. I will post the videos in the next couple of days. -- Imagine an empty space. A space that doesn’t have one single... Continue Reading →

thoughts from week #6

It's February. I am tired. I am growing up. Somethings are leaving the scene, somethings are developing into the scene. Grad school is teaching me how to be patient. I am in a situation where I have no other choice but to be patient. Not with others; with myself. It is different, it is frustrating.... Continue Reading →

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